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High Voltage Car Ignition Coil , 12V Spark Plug Coil Replacement Minimize Noise

High Voltage Car Ignition Coil , 12V Spark Plug Coil Replacement Minimize Noise

spark plug ignition coil

automotive ignition coil

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ignition coil

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Product Details
Ignition Coil
Car Make:
For Car
0.3 Kg
12 Months
Model Number:
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
30 Piece/Pieces auto ignition coil
Packaging Details
Original Tin, Plastic box, Carton
Delivery Time
35 Working days
Payment Terms
L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability
30000pcs per month
Product Description


Auto engine parts generator ignition coil for car DQ-2009 4443006


6033236 42533D 90002444 LHE1510AB




1, the product of the secondary skeleton using imported raw materials PPO, with a high degree of resistance to voltage, flame retardant, to withstand 200 ° high temperature.

2, copper wire with imported materials, with low resistivity, to prevent electrical breakdown of the insulating paint, and a high degree of adhesion of epoxy resin.

3, silicon steel sheet using China's largest manufacturer of steel production of high content of silicon, with a good amount of magnetic permeability, high conversion rate, long magnetic retention time.

4, ignition coil boots with high quality Dingqing rubber, with anti-interference, high temperature (220 ° deformation), anti-voltage.


Type Standard
Model fit for used car
Place of original Hunan,China(main land)
Minimum order quantity 30 pcs
Vehicle System Voltage 12V
Brand name TAKUMI
Car Make For cars
Warranty 12 Months
Meterials Silicone




Single cylinder independent ignition system

Single-cylinder independent ignition system, compared to the traditional ignition system, although the increase in the number of ignition coil, but eliminates the need for high-voltage lines, reducing the energy loss caused by high voltage transmission, making the spark plug to the ignition energy greater. In terms of reliability, single-cylinder independent ignition is better than the traditional sub-cylinder ignition. For the traditional ignition system, once the ignition coil problems, the entire ignition system will be paralyzed, the engine will not work, if the road on the situation can only find a trailer. In the single-cylinder independent ignition system, an ignition coil problem will only affect it is responsible for the cylinder, the other cylinder ignition will not be affected. Although the engine work will be very unstable, power will be a sharp decline, but the engine is still able to run, the car can still open. If not far away from the service station, by the vehicle itself is still able to open to the maintenance station. From the point of view of electronic interference, single-cylinder independent ignition also has obvious advantages. In order to reduce this interference, engineers will use a lot of material to shield, which is what we see high-voltage lines, especially high-quality high-voltage lines (high-voltage lines), high-voltage high-voltage lines Are unusually coarse one of the reasons. Single-cylinder independent ignition system is clearly not the trouble, it is in the wire current is low-voltage transmission, this 12V voltage generated by the electromagnetic interference is minimal. Also from the anti-interference aspects, is the same. The place where the electromagnetic radiation is generated by the car is more than the ignition system, and there is interference from the outside world. These disturbances pass through the high voltage line and affect the ignition system. Obviously single-cylinder independent ignition there is no such problem.



Sales and service

1, we provide high-standard sales service for customers inquiries, custom models of the ignition coil products. Do customer satisfaction.


2, for the pre-shipment service has been in progress, to meet customer needs.


3, received the product, the product testing, if there is damage to the logistics company, in addition, the logistics company compensation, we also for customers to timely replacement of goods, reduce customer waiting time.


4, for the product we provide a one-year warranty service, for some of the damaged products, we give you timely replacement of goods.


5, of course, we provide you with the customer's product price is the lowest in the industry, the quality of service is the highest.


High Voltage Car Ignition Coil , 12V Spark Plug Coil Replacement Minimize Noise 0High Voltage Car Ignition Coil , 12V Spark Plug Coil Replacement Minimize Noise 1High Voltage Car Ignition Coil , 12V Spark Plug Coil Replacement Minimize Noise 2






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