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OEM BKR6ES IK20 Auto Spark Plug With Iridium And Platinum Electrode

OEM BKR6ES IK20 Auto Spark Plug With Iridium And Platinum Electrode

BKR6ES IK20 Auto Spark Plug

Auto Spark Plug With Platinum Electrode

BKR6ES IK20 Car Spark Plug

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Product Details
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Electrode Enhancements:
Iridium And Platinum Electrode
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1. 4pcs in a box, 2. 10pcs in a box
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Product Description

OEM good performance spark plug replacement match for BKR6ES IK20 with Iridium and platinum electrode




1) Long service life and improved efficiency

2) Excellent ignition performance

3) Faster starts and quicker acceleration

4) Better fuel economy and lower emissions

5) Reduced sparking voltage


1. Product Description.


Thread M14x1.25
Reach 25mm
Hex 16mm
Seat Type Flat
Gap 1.1mm
Heat Range 6
Electrode Type J Type
Resistor or Non-Resistor Resistor
Electrode Enhancements

Iridium and platinum electrode




  • The plug is connected to the high voltage generated by an ignition coil or magneto. As the electrons flow from the coil, a voltage difference develops between the central electrode and side electrode. No current can flow because the fuel and air in the gap is an insulator, but as the voltage rises further, it begins to change the structure of the gases between the electrodes. Once the voltage exceeds the dielectric strength of the gases, the gases become ionized. The ionized gas becomes a conductor and allows electrons to flow across the gap. Spark plugs usually require voltage of 12,000–25,000 volts or more to 'fire' properly, although it can go up to 45,000 volts. They supply higher current during the discharge process resulting in a hotter and longer-duration spark.
  • As the current of electrons surges across the gap, it raises the temperature of the spark channel to 60,000 K. The intense heat in the spark channel causes the ionized gas to expand very quickly, like a small explosion. This is the 'click' heard when observing a spark, similar to lightning and thunder.
  • The heat and pressure force the gases to react with each other, and at the end of the spark event there should be a small ball of fire in the spark gap as the gases burn on their own. The size of this fireball or kernel depends on the exact composition of the mixture between the electrodes and the level of combustion chamber turbulence at the time of the spark. A small kernel will make the engine run as though the ignition timing was retarded, and a large one as though the timing was advanced.


OEM BKR6ES IK20 Auto Spark Plug With Iridium And Platinum Electrode 0


1- Plating



2- Thread rolling



3- Gap adjustment



4- Insulator and shell













TAKUMI Group Spark Plug Factory is the No.1 OE spark plug manufacturer in China, and covers approximately 60% of Chinese OE market.


We have the most reliable welding technologies of platinum and iridium; therefore, we can supply high quality spark plugs with competitive prices


Now, we are asked to manufacture spark plugs as OE replacement for some famous brands



1. The TAKUMI design is open at the end, so the spark travels directly toward the air-fuel mixture which maximizes the burn. The result is a faster flame kernel, a more complete combustion, greater power and higher fuel efficiency.



2. Unburned fuel is bad for our planet and wasteful of your hard-earned dollars. Help to make a difference. Replace your standard plug with TAKUMI spark plug for a cleaner, more complete burn.



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What are the advantages of Takumi's products?


Various types of spark plugs

Precious metal electrode spark plug

Spark plugs for different purposes

Rust proof nickel plated shell

Reliable Performance

Special ceramic insulator

Copper core electrodes contribute to heat transfer

Spark plugs with different electrode shapes

Withstand temperature, pressure and vibration

Suitable for most OEM models


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